zondag 31 mei 2015

Tiny mittens

Kleine wantjes om Viënna's handjes warm te houden. Dat is nog best moeilijk voor zo'n klein poppetje...

2 opmerkingen:

Hobbyrita zei

Van harte proficiat met de geboorte van Vienna! Je eerste kleinkind is heel speciaal, je maakte een hele leuke kraammand met Nijntjes en de kleine wantjes, schattig!
Grtjes, rita.

Daveen montreal zei

Hello I found your sock design on ravelry and have a question. I have a new friend who is from Amsterdam and has very big shoes to fill...his feet are size 14 us which is good because he is about 6,9" tall! I thought that being Dutch your pattern would be sized to fit very big Dutch mans feet! Can you suggest if the pattern you have made can be sized up? I know I can knit it longer but I think the foot size in diameter and so on would have to be adapted too...seems like you might be a sock expert and I am not so expert! Regards Daveen in Montreal