vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Robin Hood's Bay 2014/01

Sokken ontwerpen en sokken breien gaat niet echt goed samen merk ik. Maar eindelijk heb ik de tweede sok af van het patroon Robin Hood's Bay, gebaseerd op een visserstrui uit dat dorpje in Yorkshire.

This pattern for my son with size 49,5 is based on a fisherman’s gansey from Robin Hoods Bay on the coast of North East Yorkshire.
On the coast of North East Yorkshire a lot of ganseys were knit and some of them even can be seen on old pictures. I found some old pictures on the internet (www.ganseys.co.uk and www.lookingatfiley.worldpress.com) that inspired me to knit these socks.
Because fisherman moved a lot because of their fishing a lot of motives travelled with them all over the place. So giving the name of a fisherman’s village to a gansey would not be historical correct. But because we hope to make a walk at Robin Hoods Bay, I did name these socks Robin Hoods Bay. It’s a pattern of cables intertwined with moss stitches. As I read the moss stitches were referred to as “ hail stones”

Patroon in het Nederlands
Pattern in English

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